Esbee IPF January AD-Brand promotion

Esbee IPF May AD-Brand promotion

Services Provided

+ New Visual Identity Creation

+ Communication Design

+ Digital Photography

+ Exhibition Design

+ Media Selection

ESBEE Industrial Combines is engaged in the manufacture of an extensive range of products catering to the Engineering as well as White Goods industries.

The Company offers a wide product portfolio, which includes (industrial range) 22.5 mm Push buttons, Signaling units, Tower lights, Push button stations & enclosures, Synchronous motors & Industrials fuses. Whereas the White Goods range of products includes Appliance switches, Lamp Sockets, Miniature switches & Wire harnesses.

Exhibiting excellence

Being an industrial client, ESBEE regularly participated in industrial exhibitions, trade shows and similar events. We shouldered the responsibility of total exhibition design, which included stall designing, execution and dismantling. Assisted by our highly dynamic Exhibition team and supported by our trustworthy vendors, we turned every exhibition into a memorable experience.

Brand promotion through the Print media

Designing magazine ads for industrial publications was another major activity we took up for ESBEE. Though all the products were industrial, we made the ads more interesting through powerful concepts and wisely written catch lines.

We also designed and printed quality marketing literature (like brochures and catalogues).

Working out a green identity

After Management at ESBEE briefed us on their green manufacturing practices and measures taken by the company to reduce the environmental footprint, we came up with an inspired corporate identity with a holistic touch.

Sensibly created with a subtle ‘eco’ overtone and titled ‘Evolve with change’, this new theme soon became the basis of all market communication. This refreshing identity strongly brought out the company’s pro environmental approach to engineering at large.