Control light. Create magic.

Light is every photographer’s secret sauce. The ability to skillfully control light is the key to getting outstanding results. Hi-end equipment comes to a naught if the photographer cannot effectively manipulate light. Hemant Medhi’s Light Shaping Workshops equip aspiring photographers with relevant, practical knowledge. Hemant adopts a hands-on approach to lucidly explain the nuances of light shaping in his modular, 2-day workshops. Register here to book your seat.

Light Shaping Workshops for Advertising, Product & Portrait Photography

Drawing on his expertise, Hemant skillfully teaches you how to command light to your purpose. Working on Hasselblad medium format cameras and Elinchrom lighting, he endows you with the tips, tricks and techniques you will need to curate light for optimal outcomes. The sessions at Hemant’s studio are educative as well as lively; his instruction will equip you with the practical know how to effectively shape light to get stellar results. He deftly demonstrates how to set up light to get different desired effects. After course completion, you will be in a position to master the tools and get a hang of the technique to create the perfect light for your assignment.
The best part is that, Hemant’s rich experience in branding & advertising will add immense value to your learning. His gems of creative wisdom will enrich your technical knowledge to make your photographic work truly exceptional. His passion, acumen and affable nature will make you feel comfortable from the word go.

Course Outline & Program Schedule

Commercial Photography Workflow


Understand the client’s business and industry segment, his products/services and the overall organization.


Why is the client going for this particular photoshoot? What is the purpose behind it?


Who is the target customer for this photo shoot? What perception would they like most that will strengthen brand engagement and loyalty?

Competitive landscape

Who are the major competitors out there? And what are they doing to connect with customers from the photography standpoint?

Media vehicles

Where will the photographs eventually end up – on a billboard, in a magazine or on a website? It is essential to understand the end use.


Create a high-impact, effective concept/theme based on the context and requirements.


Set it up and simply get the best images.


Process the images and make them appear splendid and striking, as required in advertising/brand promotion.
“In photography, to get it right, you have to first work on the light.
Through my workshops, I sincerely strive to provide practical, relevant training to command and curate light to your advantage.
I want you to walk out of my studio cherishing a valuable learning experience, which will enhance your photographic work, earn you admiration and improve your business prospects appreciably.”
Hemant Medhi