Getting amazing shots with only one light

Workshop explored easy one-light setups

A unique workshop on Single Light Source in Collaboration with GODOX Photo Lightning Solutions.
Getting the perfect light for Photography is many a times anxiety inducing for photographers.
There are a number of techniques, modifiers to design and shape the light source exactly as we need to accomplish our creative vision.

A lot can be done with a single source of light.
Studio Medhi recently conducted a Workshop on ‘The Magic of Single Light Source’. The objective of the workshop was to show professionals, how using a single light source can help us master working with light.
The workshop started by explaining the basics of lighting followed by introduction to light modifiers. Parth Medhi explained in simple terms how photographers can have creative control over light by using the perfect light modifier.

Using a H4D camera from Hasselblad, Parth demonstrated the use of single light for food, liquid and portrait photography.
The workshop was attended by a mixed audience, including amateur & professional photographers, students and enthusiastic individuals who were not from the photography fraternity but were keen to learn new stuff.