One of Pune’s best ever workshops on
portrait lighting

Collaboration with Godox; enthusiastic response from novice
as well as seasoned shutterbugs

Keeping up the workshop spirit, Studio Medhi recently held another event on light shaping.
Held at ICC Trade Towers on Senapati Bapat Road, this workshop was aimed at demonstrating the tips and techniques of effective light control for portrait photography.
Director Hemant Medhi warmly welcomed the participants, introducing them to the assorted accessories needed for light shaping vis-à-vis portrait photoshoots. From light modifiers to beauty dishes, from parabolic soft boxes to gels for accomplishing creative effects, he explained the purpose and application of each individual accessory item. After introducing the accessories, he gave an overview of the basics of portrait lighting, dwelling briefly on lighting patterns, angles, facial view, etc.

Parth Medhi then went to work on light setups; he experimented with 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 lights in succession. The idea was to show how to achieve maximum luminance using the minimal number of lights. Participants were delighted to learn the techniques related to light amplification.
Moving on to the next phase, we staged a live demo supported by model and makeup artist. Using a H4D camera from Hasselblad, team member Parth Medhi showed how to achieve optimal colour correction through sensible white balancing. Both Hemant and Parth resorted to simple yet ingenious techniques, giving practical insights to photographers on how they can bring out the best of the subject.

The workshop was attended by a mixed audience, including amateur & professional photographers, students and enthusiastic individuals who were not from the photography fraternity but were keen to learn new stuff. A ‘Q & A’ session took place towards the end of the session, where participants raised queries, sought expert advice as well as showed their cameras to our team.
Concluding the workshop, the Studio Medhi team thanked Mr Sunil Gugale from United Peripherals for his wholehearted support and assistance in making the event a huge success.