A focus on pixel perfection

Hemant Medhi is an avid photographer who brings passion and professionalism to every single capture. He specializes in advertising, food, product, industrial, portrait and travel photography.

Why Photographer Hemant Medhi?

Hemant believes that photography is more than a technique; it is an art that has the power to impact perceptions about a brand, product or person.
Crystallizing his rich expertise and experience in advertising, Hemant adds a subtle creative touch to his work.
Before taking to the viewfinder, he understands the context of the shoot.
His insightful knowledge about media and market communication enables him to produce clutter-breaking images that tell a story.
Engaging Hemant

Just follow this simple 5 step process :

  1. Send me the product details/ reference sketch of your requirement, along with the quantity of products.
  2. I will get back with an estimate
  3. Upon your approval and advance (50%), the assignment is confirmed.
  4. The deliverables will be the final, high quality images delivered via the web or CD ROM.
  5. If you would like to have more control over the image style and quality then you are free to visit us and work with us to produce a result that works for you.

Is there any guarantee of the deliverables?
Yes, If we have not met your needs we refund your money.

Can I get a background other than white?
Yes, You can suggest whatever background you desire or opt to take a cutout at an additional charge.

Can I suggest a specific size for my photos?

What are the modes of payment?
The mode of payment is by bank transfer, demand draft or by cheque.

How much time you require for delivery after the job is assigned to you?
Every job is different and requires respective time for execution. Delivery will depend upon the volume of job and post-production requirements that you need.