Getting the perfect shot with glassware

Workshop explored simple lighting hacks to achieve the wow effect

Most photographers are concerned about getting the perfect shot when it comes to shooting glassware. And for good reason! Photographing glass objects is a challenging job. Especially, when the object is filled with a sparkling liquid. Whether it is an elegant wine glass, a classy bottle of whisky or a delicate fruit bowl, reflections and translucency of surfaces make photography a difficult task. However, knowing the right techniques for regulating light can make the work easier. Using simple tricks, one can achieve spectacular effects without expensive accessories or complicated setups.

Studio Medhi recently conducted a Workshop on ‘Light Shaping Techniques for Photographing Glassware’. The objective of the workshop was to show professionals how to bring out the best of both: the glass object and the liquid contents inside. The workshop started off by explaining how to correctly understand and interpret the client brief. To achieve eye-popping results, pros must learn to think beyond the brief and make creative value additions. But there is a catch: you have to do it within the stipulated budget. After explaining the process of interpreting the brief, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to the actual photoshoot. Relying on a mock assignment, our team demonstrated how appropriate light shaping can help shutterbugs get exceptional outcomes. Neither fancy props, nor expensive accessories; by using simple items that are available in the neighbourhood convenience
store, we showed how to achieve vibrancy and striking results for glassware items – big or small.

Almost every photographer who is into advertising photography comes across commercial assignments that require shooting glassware. Our workshop will empower professionals to rise to the challenge. By showing how to smartly control light for dramatic results, we will turn your anxiety into confidence! Click here to register for our next Workshop. Book your seat, NOW!