Architectural photography

Architectural photography is capturing the exteriors and interiors of the constructed structures for various purposes.

The Architectural photography is all about styling and presenting the structures for documentation, promotion or presentation purposes.

Hospitality and real estate sectors mainly involve into Architectural Photography for the advertisements and promotions.

Apart from these sectors Individual proud owners of farm houses and bungalows also engage into Architectural photography purely from featuring and styling point of view. This sector is also a very vast and growing segment.

Each Segment requires unique views as their requirements differ substantially

Photography for Hospitality Sector

This sector is facing steep competition and customer expectations are growing day-by-day. To stand out in the crowd Hotels, Resorts are using Photography as tool for wooing the customers.

International brands of hotels even had strict protocols on how the photographs of their properties are captured which is very much necessary for their brand image.

Many a times such brands also engage into creating a virtual tour so that the customers will bet attracted and will be assured for the services. Such virtual tours are used heavily for digital & social media promotions.

Shooting Resorts, restaurants & Hotels which has open areas are more challenging than the indoor photography. The light effect and its appeal to the customers has to be though and planned in great details. The natural feel of illumination is of essence in all interior photos.

Real Estate photography

Every real estate need to engage in this type of photography because their customers demand for it. The way any property is presented is very important as it generates the interests into the minds of global investors who are looking for a value investment.

Show casing a furnished flat is a trend that is followed by almost every builder for residential flats. Showcasing the flats is like showing the customers their ‘Dream Coming Into Reality’.

Only a skilled photographer with keen knowledge of light and shadow effects can do justice to this requirement.